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[Bed Wars-play pick 4-blog]' The New World Order will include changes in the family: homosexual marriages will be legalized; parents will not be allowed to raise their children ( the state will ); all women will be employed by the state and not allowed to be "homemakers"; divorce will become exceedingly easy and monogamous marriage will be slowly phased out;  the government will become the owner of all of the factors of production; the private ownership of property will be outlawed. Religion: religion will be outlawed and believers will be either eliminated or imprisoned; there will be a new religion: the worship of man and his mind; all will believe in the new religion. ' In recent years the aims of the New World Order have been explained here. Ultimately the great unwashed shall all be renting and working for an employer. Both parents must work to pay the rent and spend less time with the children. ( the state will fill the void )Be a Lottery Insider Join the thousands of Lotto Edge email subscribers for access to exclusive content, opportunities, product announcements plus a few surprises.Plus - we're not clingy like your ex so you only hear from us when we have something important to say.

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