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[WCLC-lotto 47-category-business]Mercury, Venus, the Ascendant, Aesculapia all in Aquarius, all in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, is worth looking at first. This is a stellium, so an unusually high number of factors in just one zodiac sign and house. You are a Pisces but you are strongly Aquarian. This side of your personality and destiny becomes really important in 2021, as Jupiter and Saturn transit Aquarius and bring it all to life for you. Then, we have Pluto in Aquarius from 2023 which will give you more power and control, via a particular group. Aquarius is often misinterpreted and is not about being part of a group (immersed) or deeply involved in a friendship (intimate). This is an air sign. S/he circulates. An Aquarius in Rome where our astrology comes from today, was actually a water-bearer. An Aquarius supplied the community with water, most famously at the Roman baths, which were gathering places for friends and acquaintances, from all walks of life. From this comes the idea that Aquarius is about the entire human family. Rich, poor, male, female, gay, straight, young, old, local or international. Everyone was in the Baths together. This means the strongly Aquarius type is always desperately needed by the group, club, team or community. Yet – always outside it. So this quality of being once removed, detached, at a distance – yet friendly, connected, appreciated – is something you also have. You may want to start with just the Aquarius side of yourself, and use the guides on this website, to really dig into that sign in your life and personality. 2021 will expand your circles of friends and acquaintances and increase and enhance your role as supplier to at least one group; possibly more. It will be hard work but every solution that appears will be so much more than just ‘an answer.’ It will change your life for years.As per Vedic Astrology, general home based Ketu Remedies for dosha or problems related with bad effects of malefic Ketu Planet during its mahadasha or antardasa or transit in horoscope. These remedies of Ketu will help to make weak Ketu Graha (South Node) stronger & positive favorable for both males and female. These remedies works for all ascendant irrespective of house placement in kundli. Major Vedic Remedies for Ketu Worship Lord Ganesha religiously at home or temple, this is one of the best remedies of Ketu to reduce all kind dosha and solve all problems during Ketu Mahadasha or bad transit Recite Ganesha Dwadasanama Stotra, Ketu Strotram , Ganesh Chalisa, Shiva Panchakshari Stotra for Ketu graha shanti and make Ketu positive. As remedies for Ketu, Japa of the Ketu Beeja Mantra: (ऊं स्‍त्रां स्‍त्रीं स्‍त्रौं स: केतवे नम: ) Om shram shreem shroum sah ketave namah, 17000 times with Rudraksha Mala within 40 days. Donate Kulthi dal or black mustard seeds on Thursday, this will be very powerful remedy of Ketu placed in all houses of horoscope Also Read: Best & Easy Remedies Of Rahu For Any Problem of Horoscope Fasting: Keep fast On Thursdays, refrain taking any salt during fast to reduce malefic effects of South Node Pooja: Perform Ganesh pooja at home or temple for make lord Ketu happy and obtain blessings. Never hit dogs, take care of them and feed them to make Ketu positive and strong. Make maternal grandparents happy, respect them and take blessings, it work as effective remedies of Ketu planet. Donate or distribute spiritual books to reduce ill effects during antardasha or adverse transit. Stay away from rumors, use your own mind for decision making. Wear Original High Quality Cat’s Eye Gemstone under experts guidance of learned astrologer. This is the most effective gemstone remedy of Ketu planet which can be wore by both man and woman. This will help to reduce the problems caused by Ketu during its mahdasha and antardasha (major period and sub period) and pr

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